Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rainbow Bluet

On Sunday, 28 June, I explored Lyman Lakes, small bodies of water on the Carleton College campus here in Northfield. A good number of Odonata flew about the lakes, and I took over fifty photos, including this one of a Rainbow Bluet. I had not seen this damselfly since 2012, when I enjoyed my first encounter in the nearby St. Olaf College wild area. Male Rainbow Bluets, with their orange face, greenish thorax, and blue on the abdomens are unmistakable. Note the reddish-orange dots at the wing tips. Both of the Rainbow Bluets I have seen have been perched on pond-side vegetation. Females sometimes submerge to lay their eggs inside aquatic plant stems (Dubois). Dubois’s excellent guide, Damselflies of the North Woods, is out of print, but I understand that a new edition is planned.

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