Monday, October 19, 2015

Common Gallinule

At the end of our April road-trip, Erika and I spent a few days exploring Charleston, South Carolina. We had never been to the city and Erika was keen to visit a few of their famous gardens. Both the city and the gardens proved to be somewhat of a disappointment. Among cities, we both thought Savanna to be more interesting. The gardens were relatively devoid of birds and dragonflies and must be heavily sprayed with pesticides. We did list this Common Gallinule.

Gallinules are interesting birds. They are rails, although rails and gallinules are usually placed in different groups within the family, which is generally considered to be closely related to cranes or sandpipers. In any event, Common Gallinules are often found in appropriate aquatic habitat in eastern North America and locally in the west. An endangered race also inhabits Hawaii. They are also found in Central and South America. Our birds were thought to be the same species as the Common Moorhen found in Europe and Asia, but they have different vocalizations, morphology, and genes.

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