Monday, October 5, 2015


On 2 April, Erika and I drove to the end of the road in the Everglades National Park to the “village” of Flamingo. I already shared with you some of the dragonflies we saw. We listed relatively few birds.

I noticed a bird photographer in an empty parking lot. Clearly we was intent on photographing something in the overhanging trees. I strolled over and found the Osprey with the fish in the left-hand photo. I wonder how our pictures compare. We saw the Osprey in the first photo later in our trip, near Satsuma along the St. John’s River with our intrepid guide, Carol Foil.

Ospreys are North America’s only raptor that eats almost only live fish (Poole et al. 2002). I once saw an Osprey take a small mammal, so this rule of being an exclusive piscivore is not absolute.

Ospreys have been brought back for the edge of extinction in the mid 1900s. The pesticide DDT was the main cause for this crises. Thanks to aggressive environmental remediation, by 2000, Ospreys are once again approaching historic numbers (Poole et al. 2002).

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