Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Pennant

According to John Abbott in the new (and free) DragonflyID app, Halloween Pennants are widely distributed, abundant pennants of North America. Apparently they are particularly common in Florida, and we saw them in numerous locations around the state, where they fly all year. These photos are from the Everglades in early April. They are easily recognized by their orange, dark-spotted wings.

They forage from the tops of marsh vegetation, often with their wings appearing to be out of alignment. Both sexes are able to fly in rain and strong wind. Males wait on their perches for females interested in breeding. The pennants in the upper photo are in their wheel position, the male guarding his mate, while she collects gametes from the male’s seminal pores. The dragonfly in the lower photo is a female, which is poorly represented in my photo collection.

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