Sunday, July 23, 2017

Costa Rica

We visited our kids in Texas on our way to Costa Rica. Many of you know that we hate airplanes. Flying from Dallas, at least, allowed us a nonstop flight. We spent the first 18 days of July with a tour under the auspices of Sunrise Birding, led by Dennis Paulson, one of the world's foremost dragonfly experts, and Steve Bird, a tour guide with awesome bird identification skills. 

This tour was a first for us. We enjoyed being tour clients. No worries about itineraries, reservations, or navigating Costa Rican highways. The tour focused on dragonflies, which meant arriving during the rainy season, the best time for Odonata. But to our delight, we also chased birds and anything else we could discover. Posting my photos from the tour will take many months. I will interrupt my report with local observations.

Flying to Costa Rica did not cure our fear of flying. Thunderstorms in Dallas forced us to fly over Louisiana, before we turned south. Much of Central America lost power as we tried to land in San Jose. We made an aborted landing to avoid a plane on our runway. All the computers in the airport were inoperative, leaving a line of about 1000 people in front of us. Matters could only improve, which they definitely did, beginning with our being met by a patient Steve Bird when we finally escaped customs.

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