Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Red-billed Pigeon

Red-billed Pigeons are found from the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas, south through Central America to Panama. These pigeons appeared to be common throughout our travels in northern Costa Rica. We found them in the Hotel Bougainvillea gardens on 2 July. These pigeons feed on various berries and other fruits. Throughout their range, however, populations appear to be declining.

Our tour routine quickly became established. Alarm at 5 AM. Bird walk from 6 to 7. Breakfast 7 to 8. Traveling and stopping at dragonfly spots until noonish. Quick lunch. More traveling and dragonflying. Supper at 7. Night stroll searching for frogs after supper. Downloading photographs from camera to computer. Exhaustion. One consequence of this schedule is that bird and dragonfly photos are somewhat clustered—we were either seeing dragonflies or birds.

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