Friday, July 28, 2017

Gartered Trogon

On the morning of 2 July, we piled into our bus and headed towards the Pacific Coast southwest of San Jose. Along the way we stopped at a small woodland. We walked along a muddy track to a stream, where we searched for dragonflies. Slipping and sliding along the path, we spied a Gartered Trogon.

The key to identifying a Gartered Trogon are their yellow eye-rings. Trogons are pan-tropical species, found across many of the world’s tropical regions. The birds tend to sit still in woodlands. They eat arthropods and fruit. Gartered Trogons used to be classified as a race of the Violaceous Trogon, but that bird was split into three separate species. Note that not all ornithologists agree with this classification. Nonetheless, Gartered Trogons are fund from central Mexico, south through Central America, to northern South America.

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