Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Astoria Ducks

I mentioned in my last post that waterfowl were easily photographed along the Astoria, Oregon, Riverwalk. Two of these ducks were the Bufflehead above and the American Wigeon below. I have previously blogged on both species (see the bufflehead posts here and here and the wigeon post here). I will limit my discussion here to the different types of ducks.  Most ducks are either diving ducks or dabbling ducks. The divers, like the Bufflehead, normally dive for their good, whereas the dabblers eat off the surface or submerge their heads, while their tails bob above the water surface. Dabbling ducks can walk on land, but the divers have their feed so far back that they have a tough time on dry land. Finally, diving ducks have to run across the water to achieve airspeed; dabblers can take to the air in a single leap. Other, smaller groups of waterfowl include the geese, swans, stiff-tailed ducks (like the Ruddy Duck), and whistling-ducks.

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