Sunday, September 30, 2012

Le Conte's Sparrow

Le Conte's Sparrows were reported from our area on eBird this past week. Erika and I searched for them, but were not too surprised not to find one. These sparrows are infamous for being uncooperative. They only reluctantly flush from their grassland habitat and prefer "creeping about like mice under mats of grass" (Lowther 2005). The same author reports that one Wisconsin researcher "found only 8 of 86 singing males on perches exposed enough to provide an identifiable view." I took this photograph several years ago near Brookings, South Dakota.

This sparrow was named for John L. Le Conte, a friend of Audubon and a distinguished physician, physicist, chemist, teacher, and naturalist. He was president of the University of California, Berkeley, from 1875 to 1881 (Gruson 1972).

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