Thursday, September 13, 2012


As many of you are aware, after taking a photograph of a hand-held bird in front of a snow drift one winter, I became fascinated by bird portraits with white backgrounds. The results of this photography can be seen in my Picasaweb White Album. The two photographs in this post are from this year. I banded the Warbling Vireo this spring. Note the pale sides to its face and lack of any dark eye line. Previously I have posted on telling Warbling and Philadelphia vireos apart. The Blue-headed Vireo below was banded last week. I have also previously posted about these sporty, easy to identify birds.

Buoyed by the positive reception of my recent dragonfly book, I find myself embarked upon producing a non-digital White Album, a large-format text. I have the photographs paginated, but don't hold your breaths.  I have written none of the accompanying text, a chore that should take me many a happy winter month.

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