Saturday, July 6, 2013

Eastern Pondhawk

The beauty of the emerald Eastern Pondhawk stuck me as I strolled through Erika’s garden last week. These dragonflies are fierce predators (see past post), even consuming fellow odonates. Meadreports that they will even follow people, preying upon their attending mosquitos and blackflies.

Pondhawks are also quite common (even “superabundant,” according to Paulson). Their clutch size averages 900 eggs, all laid in under ten seconds (Paulson). Nymphs must lead a perilous existence, or we would be knee deep in pondhawks. They prefer still water.

Male Eastern Pondhawks start off as relatively dusky creatures. They become pruinose, beginning at the tip of their abdomen, and later, like the one in the last photo, this pruinosity spreads across most of their body.

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