Thursday, July 4, 2013

Green Heron

A week has passed since I posted a bird photo on my blog—must be the summer doldrums. Add another Green Heron to my collection of photos of this species. We found this individual in the northwest Minneapolis metro area during a recent water garden tour. A relatively good picture (if I do say so), especially considering the distance this bird was from me. As typical for the species, this bird remained at the same spot, as apparently the prey was plentiful.

This Green Heron fed in a manner common to the species. It crouched, with the body horizontal, and with a retracted head and neck. With a lunge, and a strike of its bill, the prey (in this case a bullhead or perhaps a crayfish) was taken in its bill (rather than speared). According to Davis and Cushlan, Green Herons are “carnivorous, typically a fish-eating species, despite comments to contrary in literature. However, prey selection is broad, depending on availability, and includes all sorts of invertebrates."

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