Monday, September 15, 2014

Common Gray Moth

For me, eBird serves as a journal of our travels, helping me remember where and when we saw birds. I have journaled for most of my life, and, because of this habit, I was able to enter most of my bird records into eBird. But my “journaling" mostly consisted of bird lists.

When it comes to moths, I really should take notes. This Common Gray Moth was on the screen of our hotel at Big Bend National Park, and is a bit out order in my account of our 2014 travels. One of this moth's field marks is the first abdominal segment having a pale whitish band bordered by a black line, which continues onto the forewing. Common Gray Moths are found throughout North America—except in the arctic—and adults fly from March to October. The larvae feed on a variety of trees as well as on clover (

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