Friday, September 5, 2014

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Novice birders give fall parulids a bum rap by calling them drab, confusing fall warblers. An exception is the Chestnut-sided Warbler. Definitely a brilliant bird in the spring, but, in the fall, this species sports gray sides to the head, topped by a bright, yellow-green crown. To me, this color is unique among North American birds, although I have seen similar hues in some South American tanagers.

Chestnut-sided Warblers generally breed north of Northfield, thus this is probably a migrating bird. With September’s advent, we look forward to more than the trickle of migrants we have banded to date. This is a common warbler, and I have blogged about it several times (for instance, 20 August 2010 and 27 August 2011).


  1. I think this is the only warbler in which I prefer the fall plumage.

    1. The subtlety of fall plumages can be lovely, if often frustrating.