Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mountain Bluebird

These Mountain Bluebirds were the last significant photos we took during our February and March trip to Texas and New Mexico. On 8 March we stayed at Canyon, Texas, and visited the Palo Duro State Park—well worth your time if you are ever in the vicinity. (I tried to post this account yesterday, but it disappeared into hyperspace—this post is a rewrite, and hopefully the original post will not reappear.)
We saw a flock of over 40 Mountain Bluebirds. This observation surprised us since, in their breeding grounds in western North America, we seldom encountered groups of over three or four. But the species is known to form large flocks on their Mexican wintering grounds and during migration. The second photo is of a female flock member. The last photo is a South Daota male. I have published picture before, but reworked it here to show that they are, indeed, brilliant blue birds.

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