Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ira Allen

The last stop on our spring trip was at my brother’s near Williamstown, Vermont. We had a hard time getting there. The rain of Martha’s Vineyard changed to snow. We arrived a day late and left a day early. We had planned to return to Minnesota through Canada. North Bay was expecting over a foot of snow. Suddenly driving home through Chicago seemed a better alternative.

My brother and his wife proved to be understanding and exuberant hosts. They shared their home and harvested maple syrup. We took long and interesting hikes. This stone—notice the snow—is a boundary marker placed by Ira Allen in the 1700s. The rebar next to the stone is a modern survery marker—Ira was right on. Ira was the youngest sibling of revolutionary war hero Ethan Allen. Ira founded the Univesity of Vermont in 1791 and was a representative in the Republic of Vermont. My sister-in-law writes, “these Vermont heroes were admittedly scoundrels as well....or very good at self-preservation and self-promotion. Ah, history as mythology…”

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