Tuesday, August 9, 2016


These dragonflies are meadowhawks. The first two, from 21 June 2016, were taken at the Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Dakota County. The red one is an adult male White-faced Meadowhawk. Note its white face and black legs. The second is an immature Autumn Meadowhawk. Look at its yellow legs. This dragonfly was once called the Yellow-legged Meadowhawk. The last meadowhawk is also an Autumn Meadowhawk. I took this closeup in Erika’s garden on 29 July 2016.
Poet and citizen scientist Scott King, my dragonfly guru, writes, “I like the meadowhawks. Though the Autumn Meadowhawk always signifies that summer has peaked, at least to me, so I'm a little wistful at its first appearance but then grow more and more fond of it as the season advances and it's the last thing flying.”

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