Saturday, August 20, 2016

Skimming Bluet

Skimming Bluets often fly low and hover over open water—hence their name. They are partial to algae mats and vegetation in otherwise clear-water lakes and ponds. They fly in the middle of day when temperatures are high. These are exactly the behaviors and habitat that Erika and I found them in along the outflow to Hiawatha Lake in Minneapolis on 26 July. All bluets look more or less the same—Erika says, “you’ve seen one bluet, you’ve seen them all.” The Skimming Bluets are small with mostly black, black-tipped abdomens. If you look closely at the eyes of the perched bluet, you may notice that they have a blue streak, but are otherwise brown. This field mark is diagnostic. You should also note the wavy blue line on the side of the first abdominal segment.

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