Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Barred Owl

Erika and I occasionally stroll down the Chehalis Bike Trail, as it traverses both forest and fields.  I think that Washington contains more birders than other places we have lived. On 13 August 2021 a gentleman noticing our birding gear, but without binoculars himself, said, “there is a beautiful Barred Owl just down the trail.” “Exactly where?” we asked. “You can’t miss it. The bird is perched low, right over a sunny part of the trail.” And that is just where we found this young-looking Barred Owl. We meet birders everywhere we go. These encounters are to be expected at the national wildlife refuge, where it seems most of our encounters are with people with very expensive optical equipment around their necks. But even in less populated areas, often people have binoculars and even eBird bumper-stickers on their cars. Perhaps the sport of birding is on the rise. I wonder what ever happened to my eBird bumper-sticker...

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