Monday, August 9, 2021

Common Murre

My pelagic trip companions laughed at me when I announced my goal of photographing a Common Murre. These alcids are one of the most common species in the world’s northern oceans. Its just that in my travels I have only one very poor Common Murre image. Our captain informed me that we did not have time to slow down for such a common bird—I was on my own. We saw at least 209 murres, as they dove (to depths down to 100 meters) for invertebrates and fish. They tended to fly or dive at our approach, which made photography difficult. As we disembarked, our guides asked me, “did you get your murre?” “We’ll see,” I replied. Across their range, Common Murre populations face predation by humans, other mammals, and birds of prey. Murres also face toxic chemicals, oils spills, commercial fisheries, trash in the ocean, and habitat degradation.

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